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19 November
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And now a Live Journal Account too !!! This is inspired by an attempt to be an idol of sorts .... My very very good friend has immense belief in my abilities you see....

But to come to the point .... When emotionally charged I end up being a compulsive writer, and this prompted my Significant Other to motivate me to pen down my personal thoughts and let it open to the world. As for me this would be a page where I get to organise my random, confused thoughts and clear the clutter where it matters most - my brain. A time travelling companion of sorts which will track my life's emotional and ( at times physical )journey. An avid reader, absolute music lover, who used to be an absolute movie buff ( now attempting to convert the was into an "am " ), with a passion for cooking, an average cartoonist with a sudden interest in ganesh sketches, and if i werent playing with numbers to earn a living would have enjoyed doing up interiors. So thats a mini about me ..... Hopefully my tryst with words will oust my otherwise constant companions procastination and lethargy .....